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The close calls were too much for Brian Kostiuk; a senior citizen and lifetime resident of the East Kootenays

Distracted drivers caused four near misses for Brian, two of which were serious enough to have left Brian and others in the vicinity seriously injured or even dead!

Brian, having served on the Cranbrook Safety and Motion Committee in Cranbrook that dealt with traffic and safety issues felt compelled to do his part to put a stop to this daily threat that puts us all at risk.

After some research and learning that his experiences were commonplace, Brian decided to do something about it.

Brian recruited Karen Dietrich as Executive Director to establish The Society Against Distracted Drivers (SADD). Brian enlisted Bruce Smith, the dealer principal of Alpine Toyota and 9 years serving as RCMP Auxiliary Constable, who has seen his share of distracted driving accidents and Eileen Braaten Cranbrook citizen as directors and SADD was founded.


texting while driving

“27% of all traffic deaths in BC are due to distracted drivers.

This is a very serious problem, we have to educate drivers as to the dangers of using cell phone while behind the wheel.”

Brian Kostiuk

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Donate to Society Against Distracted Drivers.

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SADD is looking for partners who are as pastionate about stopping Distracted Driving as we are. For co-hosting events, trading links info and ideas. If you can help us effect change please contact us.

Volunteer. Email SADD if you would like to help.

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Distracted driving results in more deaths in B.C. than impaired driving

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