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Distracted Driving Statistics

You are 5 times more likely to crash if you use your cell phone while driving.


On average in B.C. 78 people die every year in crashes where distracted driving is a contributing factor. Distracted driving is the second-leading cause of motor vehicle fatalities in B.C.

More than 800 crashes occur every day in B.C., many of these caused by distracted driving.

Most rear-end crashes resulting in injury are caused by distracted drivers.

Statistics courtesy of ICBC

It's not just your phone that can distract you. Distractions also includes: eating, reading, personal grooming, programming GPS system, attending to children and pets, using CB radio or other devices such as a hand held game, laptop or tablet.

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Distracted driving results in more deaths in B.C. than impaired driving

Distracted driving causes more than one quarter of all crash
fatalities in B.C.

Distracted Driving Laws

A hands-free device means a Bluetooth or wired headset or speaker-phone. The device cannot be in your lap or loose on the seat beside you. The device must be securely fastened to the vehicle to be legal.

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Distracted driving includes more than using a cell phone. Anything that takes your attention from your surroundings such as; eating, applying makeup, making music selections, operating a GPS or attending to children all count as distracted driving.

New drivers are banned from using electronic devices while driving all together.

If your license status is ā€œNā€ (New Driver) or ā€œLā€ (Learner) you cannot operate ANY electronic devices while in control of a motor vehicle including GPS systems. You may however call 911 in an emergency only if you are parked safely off of the road.


Distracted Driving Penalties Double March 1, 2018

This brings the penalty to $740 plus Driver Penalty Points.

Plus if you have two or more convictions for using an electronic device while driving over a three year period you will pay a Driver Risk Premium and face possible driving prohibitions.


Number Of Points Annual Premium $
4 175
5 230
6 300
7 415


Conviction Count Annual Premium $
2 370
3 430
4 490
5 560

read full rules at ICBC

The Driver Risk Premium charges are separate from Autoplan vehicle insurance premiums and are billed even if the individual does not own or insure a vehicle.

Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) drivers will face a review after a first distracted driving offence and a possible prohibition of up to six months.

Two distracted driving offenses in one year will cost you approximately $2,000

What the law says in Canada

All provinces, along with Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories, have some form of cell phone or distracted driving legislation in place.

Alberta goes a step further and restricts drivers from reading printed materials, writing, and personal grooming.

Offenses can result in fines and demerit points, and in some provinces, fines rise with the number of offenses.

While hands-free devices are permitted by law (with the exception of novice drivers in British Columbia and Saskatchewan), drivers using these devices are still less focused on what's going on around them, and tend to react more slowly to situations.

Courtesy of Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety
Read Use of Electronic Devices While Driving from Road Safe BC